Question by  Sudhakar (11)

Will having misdemeanors keep me from getting government jobs?

I had 2 misdemeanors many years ago.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Having misdemeanors on your record will probably not prevent you from getting government jobs. As long as they were minor the government will probably overlook it.

posted by Anonymous
I have 2 on my record and was denied a job with a fortune 500 company straight out of college. It all depends on how long the misdemeanors have been on your record. Explaining yourself does not even help the situation.  add a comment

Answer by  tyann (54)

If you get expunged should not matter It does depend on job though, and the Initial time Charge. If was in last 36 months Most states will show standard background


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

It will probably depend on the position. Most will be more concerned wih felonies, but be honest on applications and with the interviewer if asked about the misdemeanors.


Answer by  Lanie (17)

I believe any convection, what ever it may be, should stop anyone of any age from getting a goverment job.

posted by Anonymous
Lanie you should learn to spell before you judge others.  add a comment
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