Question by  babs70 (18)

What is the typical sentence for a first time misdemeanor?

My friend was recently arrested for a misdemeanor.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Running a stop sign is a misdemeanor. In some states, possessing less than an ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor. There are all kinds of misdemeanors and fines are assessed depending on the nature of the infraction. Jail time is unlikely for a first-time offender.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

It depends on the crime, the age and the state in which the crime was committed. If this is the only crime your friend has ever committed most likely he will get community service and a fine. Some states have a mandatory jail time like 3-6 months.


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

In most states, a person with a misdemeanor can plead no contest and ask for deferred adjudication; if all etrms are met, this will not result in a criminal record.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

By definition a misdemeanor is a sentence of less than a year. More than a year is a felony. Otherwise, it really depends on the nature of the offense as to how long the person may be sentenced in jail. This can range from a fine with a suspended sentence to one day less than a year.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

There really isn't necessarily a typical sentence for a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are, however, generally limited to fines of less than $1000 or prison sentences of six months or less, or both. With that said, beneath that ceiling, there can be a wide range of variation.

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