Question by  physicalbabe (10)

What is involved in getting a Canadian Federal government job?

I am moving to Canada soon and would like to work for the government there.


Answer by  Dax (6)

First you need a Federal Skilled Worker Visa. You also need the appropriate level of education and work experience, and be able to pass a criminal record check.


Answer by  grammybarbj (572)

One of the main requirements of getting a Canadian Federal government job is to be a Canadian citizen. You would need to find out how to become a citizen.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Well you need to be living in Canada for starters. I always thought you had to be a Canadian Citizen but that I could be wrong. You also need a résumé. There are a number of government segments' who do the hiring it.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

It's no different than getting any other job (go to their website), it's just that you can't have a criminal record, and must be a Canadian citizen.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

You must go to the local MLA of your desired town and get a form that you write out. Then, when they look at your form, they may ask for a criminal record check. Just to make sure that you haven't done anything bad.

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