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Question by  dx10 (144)

Why would a dog hold his tail down?


Answer by  worker5513 (28)

Dogs use their tails as a signal of how they are feeling and how they emotionally react to situations. When another dog meets a new dog for the first time they may hold their tail down to show passivity. Dogs also do this when they are frightened or in trouble.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

A raised tail is a sign of excitement. Dogs who are acting passively will hold their tails down to show they aren't gearing up to make a dominance bid.


Answer by  doglover55 (126)

A dog will hold their tail down for many reasons - none of them good. They are either scared, unhappy,or injured among other things. My dogs hold their tail down when they know that they have done something really bad like pee on the carpet or chew up a shoe.


Answer by  lex26 (20)

Dogs hold their tails down because they are scared or shy or because they are unsure of new people. Some dogs will do this because they want to stop wagging.

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