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Question by  jenncraw (2)

Why does my truck smell like gas since I had the ICP sensor replaced?


Answer by  Scooby14 (73)

The ICP sensor controls the timing, pressure and pulse width of your injectors. You may have a faulty sensor which is dispensing more gas than needed.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

The gas smell is unrelated to the ICP sensor replacement. Take the truck back to the shop and they will be able to give you a definite answer. Check out the simple things first though, such as if the gas cap is on tight enough.


Answer by  Shawn22 (138)

The reason that your truck smells like gas is probably due to the fact that there was a failure when installing ICP. Ask who replaced it for you.


Answer by  icecreamman940 (82)

The Injection Control Pressure sensor makes sure that fuel is at the correct pressure when sprayed into the engine. A gas smell my indicate that the seal was not made correctly when it was reinstalled. It may also be an indicated of a blown head gasket. A faulty head gasket would allow fuel to seep out of the engine.


Answer by  sammy25 (26)

There could be a couple reason why you smell gas. Gas tank could have a leak in it. Fuel lines may have a leak. Fuel pump could be loose.


Answer by  Ray (57)

Car smells like gas after driving it due to muffler problems such as having a hole in one muffler. This will make the problem occur nearly every time.

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