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Question by  Diane65 (27)

Why does my car smell like gas after I have been driving it?


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

Often a car smells like gasoline after driving it due to muffler problems such as having a hole in one's muffler. This will make the problem occur nearly every drive and the muffler being below the car will make the fumes rise into the cabin causing the passnegers to smell gasoline.


Answer by  Emr (698)

If your car smells like gas after you've driven it, you could have a leak in a fuel line or in the gas tank. It is very important to take the car in and fix that, because the fumes could ignite from any kind of spark, even static!


Answer by  CarExpert (23)

You could have a leak in your fuel system, unburned fuel may be leaving the engine due to poor combustion, or it could be as simple as your gas cap is unscrewed. This is a serious issue and should be corrected immediately as gasoline is flammable and the fumes are hazardous to people and pets.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I would take it in and make sure that the car isn't leaking oil. If it is they will have to replace many things in your car, including the oil pan. This will not be cheap, but you don't want your car to go up in flames on the highway.


Answer by  Anonymous

have the gas cap pressure tested. It may have a leak. Auto parts stores can usually test it.


Answer by  Anonymous

I had the same problem..I changed the Throttle positioning sensor..i guess my car was running rich, it seams to have fixed the problem...I also has other issues that pointed to the TPS. My car would sputter when parked and the engine running like it was going to turn off.

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