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Question by  worker42 (21)

Why does my puppy mill dog eat his feces?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

My heart goes out to you- have love and patience. In his desperate crate, his own feces were often the only food he had. I adopted a puppy mill breeder, and he is my daily delight. Your one will eventually trust that he can have real food, consistently. Be patient.


Answer by  Rincewind (239)

Dogs from puppy mills weren't taken care of, simple as that. They lack vitamins found in good food and that is mostly the reason for eating feces.


Answer by  Martha98 (39)

Puppies often eat their own feces, most grow out of it however. Sometimes, if the dog isn't get enough nutrients in his diet he will do this, in other cases it is because it smells good to the dog. Make sure the dog is fed good quality food, and clean up the dog mess as soon as possible.


Answer by  Anonymous

puppy millers rarely feed the dogs the this is most likely why your dog eats his feces

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