Question by  rose56 (36)

What does it mean when dogs eat grass?

My dog eats grass every day.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Dogs normally consume grass to aid with digestion. It's basically a laxative and helps settle the stomach. Nothing too terribly serious, it's normal in other animals such as cats as well.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Some just like to eat grass but most often dogs do it for a reason. If a dog eats something that doesn't agree with them they will often eat grass because it makes them vomit.


Answer by  sylorge (49)

When dog eat grass, they might have problems with digestive system, sometimes it serve as an medicine for them when they are not feeling well and to prevent themselves from vomiting. The best thing to do is take him/her to the veterinarian to check if your dog has a problem regarding when he eat grass.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The reason a dog will eat grass is because they are feeling sick to their stomach and usually if you see a dog eating grass you will see the dog throwing up and after that the dog is usually fine with no more problems. If you are very concerned you can call your vet and they will explain everything.


Answer by  riTch (99)

There's really no exact explanation as to why dogs eat grass. Some dogs eat grass and then threw up after awhile. Some on the other hand, don't get to threw up. Perhaps, however, dogs eat grass because of either of the two reasons. First, to help settle their upset pelvis. Second, to help digest food.


Answer by  hrlamm (109)

Dogs eat grass for a few different reasons. One of them being they have a digestive problem and grass settles their bellies like ginger ale does ours. Another reason is, they arent getting enough fiber in their diet and you may want to look into switching their kibble.

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