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Question by  avinashraj15yahoocom (16)

Why does my Jeep Grand Cherokee AC blower keep running after key is off?

My Jeep air conditioning won't turn off properly.


Answer by  neielg (311)

Its probably the reason behind it is a bad power control module on the blower motor. If you mean the engine cooling fan, just because your jeep is controlled by computer and its depends on the internal engine temperature the reason why your fan may turn on and off.

posted by Anonymous
not the cooling fan the blower moter that heats the car keeps runing after car is turned off on full blast when car is on can not turn down  add a comment

Answer by  sathish123 (2147483647)

What's the fix? The blower motor was working fine because it still pushed out the heat on high. This leaves you with the blower resistor.

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