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Question by  sumitaroraz (27)

Why does my dog have pink skin?


Answer by  Kris (797)

If your pet's skin has always been this color, it may just be the normal skin pigment. If the pink skin is new, it could be caused by sunburn, an irritant, an allergic reaction or possibly a canine disease. If you think your dog doesn't look right, or is acting differently, it's time to see the vet.


Answer by  Jomackee (46)

Many dogs have allergies. Allergies begin in the gut, so try Canine Enteric Formula, a supplement, you should be able to get it at a holistic pharmacy or online. I was amazed how much it helped my dog. I used it for about a year then didn't need it again and the allergies did not come back.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

If you dog spends a lot of time outside and has shorter hair or has recently been groomed then sunburn may be the reason your pet's skin has a pink tint to it. Make sure your dog has pleanty of shade outside and has access to clean, cool water at all times to keep him healthy.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Dogs, like most animals are kind of funny. A white or lighter colored dog tends to have pink skin underneath. If your dog is black and white spotted, the skin is pink under the white part and black under the spots. A black dog has black skin underneath the hair.

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