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Question by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

Is pink eye from a dog contagious?

My dog has pink eye. Can I catch it from her?


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

Yes, depending on the cause of the pink eye. Anytime you are treating an animal with an infection, you should take care to wash your hands thoroughly.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

Pink eye may be caused by various forms of conjunctivitis[inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye],commonest being allergic and infective conjunctivitis. If your dog has the former,it is not contagious and it will abate while the latter can be contagious and will need antibiotic eyedrops as treatment.


Answer by  chriskaput (22)

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is definately not contagious to humans since the bacteria that causes the conjunctivitis in dogs is not the same bacteria that causes the conjunctivitis in humans.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

Although it isn't the exact same as pink eye in humans, it is still caused by a contagious type of infection. You should act as if it is contagious.

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