Question by  bnowozin (54)

What can be done to treat a dog with dry skin?

My dog has very dry itchy skin.


Answer by  shykarth (82)

The main reason for a dog to have an itchy skin is due to parasites(both internal and external). Check if the dog is up to date with deworming,make sure there are no ticks or fleas, fleas, ticks are the main causes(their eggs). For fleas there are shampoo,powder,spray or even injection.


Answer by  Ashley68 (404)

Brushing your dog is a good way to treat dry skin as it allows the natural oils to surface. You can also add a litte olive oil to his food.


Answer by  Tabatha (440)

First try a medicated shampoo to help with the dry skin and flaking. Bathing can also cause dry skin so if you normally wash your dog once a week or so, try not to bathe your pet as often and see if that helps. Moisturizing or medicated conditioners also help.


Answer by  JJ2007 (0)

Regular use of acv in your dog's diet can help prevent skin rashes, skin irritation, tooth decay, infections, and tear stains. A teaspoon added to water or food 2–3 times a week should suffice as a preventative measure.

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