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Question by  manojbimalg (24)

Can you buy a cat car seat?

I like to take my cat places, but she roams all over the car distracting me from driving.


Answer by  YarnGirl (333)

The best option might be to get a pet carrier. This is also the safest option for the cat when travelling with you in the car.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

I have not seen a car seat exactly, but they do make special carriers for cars. If that's not good a option, you can also find car harnesses for cats. You can try asking at petsmart first, but online stores or ebay is probably going to work best.


Answer by  tadpole (468)

Get the Dr Foster and Smith Catalog they have everything in there you are sure to find a car seat for a cat or maybe a small dog.


Answer by  Ilold (46)

Yes you can. It is really bad to a pet to distract you from driving, since it can lead you to a dangerous accident. You can find it at any Pet shops.

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