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Question by  misty (36)

Why does my blood sugar drop suddenly?


Answer by  hamidgahihi (1)

female, 33, 180 pounds, 5.7" passes out and comes back with a little sugar. does not have much control of that before that happens. doctors thought of VasoVagal. is it a diabetic ? any suggestion?


Answer by  sharon63 (520)

Blood sugar can drop suddenly when there is not enough food in the form of carbohydrates entering the bloodstream. Snacking generally helps to avoid this and not everyone is prone to a drop in blood sugar.


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

There are several potential causes for a sudden drop in blood glucose, including exercise and fasting. If this happens to you check with your doctor or an endocrinologist. Low blood sugar is often called hypoglycemia and it can be serious.


Answer by  bleh (93)

Blood sugar drops can be associated to many things such as lack of food, excercize, illness, or stress. If the body has too much insulin (either naturally or by injection) and a lack of food then the blood sugar will drop. Monitor your blood sugar using a glucose meter that can be purchased at any pharmacy


Answer by  PriscillaPresley (284)

Too much insulin being dumped in the body at once, or even a pancreatic tumor can do it. Ask your Doctor.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Most common cause is the insulin or pills, either the type or a change in the type of medication. It can also happen with a missed meal, insufficient carbohydrate intake, over-exercising, a sudden weight loss, too much alcohol. A rarer reason is the menstrual cycle in women, or a problem with adrenal glands producing enough cortisol.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It could have been something that you have eaten or didn't eat. Did you skip a meal? Are you eating the right foods and eating small meals throughout the day. See your doctor for advice.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

This is usually related to diet, exercise and exertion. If you are in top health you can still experience drops due to stress, exertion, how you eat and the time of day. Particularly if you are female, you may want to get tested for hypoglycemia, common in women.


Answer by  sandyf (2)

I am busy and all of a sudden i get shaky like i am neverous and start to sweat and have to sit down. is it low blood sugar

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