Question by  Rose45 (17)

What should I expect from a random blood sugar test?

I am going to be having my blood sugar tested.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Random blood sugar test will show the glucose level in the blood. While doing this we need not be worried about taking before eating and after eating,This test can be done at any time during the day. Thistest is done to know the amount of plasma in ones the bood


Answer by  TeresaE (381)

It's a simple test, they take blood from you, ask some simple questions basic health, if you were looking for anything particular etc and you wait a few days for the lab to run the tests and your doctor should tell you when the results are in and you go from there.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

The doctor will draw only a single drop of blood, apply it to a test strip, and have a reading within seconds - similar to the at home testing procedure.


Answer by  Esme (535)

Random Blood Sugar measures the glucose level in blood and can be taken any time during the day without fasting. For healthy people glucose levels doesn't fluctuates much.


Answer by  atman (308)

A random blood sugar test is done when you are not fasting. Blood sugar testing is done to screen for diabetes. If you already know that you have diabetes, it may be used to examine how well it is controlled.

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