Question by  GerriRussell (23)

What would cause sugar in my urine, even if my blood sugar is normal?


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

The most common cause of glucosuria is diabetes, but that normally has blood sugars above 11. Other causes include proximal tubule disease of the kidneys like Fanconi's syndrome. See your doctor because sugar in the urine is NEVER normal.


Answer by  cghits (33)

Any thing from pregnancy, to the beginning stages of diabetes can cause this. But most commonly it shows abnormal kidney function, this can include kidney disease, infection, kidney stones or any other obstruction. This can also include renal glycosuria, which is basically an abnormally low renal threshold for glucose. Also it could be because of a carbohydrate rich meal.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

Essentially the only way of getting sugar in your urine is if it is elevated in your plasma. The kidneys are incredibly good at reabsorbing glucose that makes it into the filtrate and are essentially 100% efficient unless overwhelmed by too high a load. Maybe the level was transiently elevated.


Answer by  muzic74 (72)

Sugar in the urine is a common symptom of pregnancy. Other causes for sugar to appear in the urine are infection of the kidneys or obstruction due to kidney stones.


Answer by  Anupam (77)

The Sugar is found in the urine because the renal threshold has gone below. Long-term and generally irreversible disease of the kidneys due to infection, obstruction, congenital diseases or generalised diseases can cause failure of the kidneys' normal functions. Sugar in urine is an increase in the glucose levels in urine above normal.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

Things that you are eating can cause sugar in your urine. Fatty, junky foods are carbs that can drop sugar into your system. Also, drinks that are high in sugar such as fruit juice can cause sugar in the urine. Fruits in general can also be another key to finding sugar in your bodily functions.


Answer by  JuliaJolie (415)

Sugar in the urine, despite normal blood sugar levels, is common in pregnancy, but it may be a symptom of renal glycosuria, a disorder of the kidneys.


Answer by  Anonymous

Sometimes if your blood sugar is normal, you could still have sugar in your urine. This could meand slow development of diabetes.

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