Question by  TYoung (21)

Why do so many young people commit crime?

There seems to be an abundance of young people committing crime today, what is the main cause of this today?


Answer by  kory88 (109)

The reson why so many young kids today are commiting crimes, are that they are hanging with the older crowdes of kids. That are bad influcence of the younger kids. So they see that they are cool for the things that the older kids do so they wanna be like them. So that is one reson why abundance of younger get in trouble.


Answer by  Stan567 (417)

Most people point to two factors: (1) the rise of single parent families, and (2) a breakdown in the public education system. Another factor is drug traffic. But all crime tends to be influence by socio-economic factors. Usually young people in impoverished neighborhoods, without a strong parental figure, are more likely to become involved in criminal activity.


Answer by  louro (35)

Young people do not understand real meaning of life. Their God is Consumption; their values are resumed to the possession of clothes, i-phones, and electronic gadgets. In such environment drug consumption violence and other kind of crime increase. Crime suppression is difficult and police force has a very hard job sometimes its action boosts crime.


Answer by  GaGal (13)

Many young people commit crimes due to lack of involvement from parents. Parents are having to work longer more strenuous jobs to keep up with the fast passed want everything society. Kids with little attention will get it however they can.


Answer by  Anonymous

people want to fit into the crowd and want to make friends or let out anger, fear etc.. that they have been holding in for years

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