Question by  mahmud (48)

Why do I see orange dots?

It's not all the time.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

Orange dots can be indicative of retinal problems as well as flashes. It can also mean that the blood pressure is low and you are beginning to pass out.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

If you look at something for awhile, your retina gets used to seeing it, so when you look away, you still see it for a minute or so. It's called persistance of vision, and it's a normal byproduct of how the eye works. It's probably a good idea to ask your eye doctor about it on your next visit.


Answer by  Laly (269)

Orange dots and red dots in the eye are common and if it is not hurting or itching, it is just normal problem. It is just because of eye infection. If you are a contact lens wearer, that may be the reason for your eye infection. If it is not, you should consult an eye specialist as earlier as possible.

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