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Question by  meanboss (30)

What are the standard lie angle on a ping black dot golf ball?

I need to know more about lie angles of ping black dot golf balls.


Answer by  bozguy (22)

There is no such thing as a lie angle on a golf ball, nor does Ping make a golf ball. Only clubs have lie angles, so this question is virtually unanswerable.


Answer by  burker72 (29)

Ping has not manufactured golf balls for a number of years. When referring to lie angles you are likely concerned with their irons. Irons are coded with coloared dots on the back of the club head. Black dots on an iron indicate standard lie and loft, or zero degrees, neither flat nor upright.


Answer by  safetyshield (46)

''Lie angels'' are more related to Irons and not balls. Ping makes about 3 different sets of Ping Black Dot Irons to date and are each pre-angeled from the factory. One may become ''fitted'' to the proper angels in accordance to ones swing. That is,the maker will bend the club at the hosel for the specified angel requested.


Answer by  davmid65 (3)

There is no such thing as a lie angle on Ping black dot golf balls. A lie angle is the angle between the bottom of the golf club and the shaft of the club. With Ping, the black dot is a standard lie angle. Depending on a golfers build, clubs can be purchased with varying lie angles.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

There's no lie angle for any golf ball, so I'm assuming you have mistyped and really are asking about lie angle for golf CLUBS. In Ping's color code, Black is zero correction. The other colors add or subtract angle to correct for height and other measurements.


Answer by  itsacanofcorn (34)

Most of the time you really do not get a chance to choose your own lie angles, because you are going to play the ball where it lies.

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