Question by  Carolyn (30)

Is it OK if Cats Pee on Mulch?

Will the Cat Urine Kill the Roots of My Plants?


Answer by  lakshmi (196)

th cats peeing on mulch is not agood thing. please keep some moth balls near that place so that the cats can be avoided from peeing on the mulch. the cats urine contains some varieties of nitrates that affects the roots of the plants.this should be prevented in the future.


Answer by  Julie92 (99)

I would not advise this. The sent of cat pee is very difficlt to get rid of. If you are having a problem with a cat peeing on mulch you should purchase a box of moth balls. Place them in the area where the cat is going. This should stop the cat from going there.


Answer by  Hillarytheklutz (28)

It really depends on the plant. Urine contains ammonia, which can be quite harmful to certain types of plants. However, it also contains nitrates, which are often used in store-bought fertilizers. If your cats have peed on plants in the past, don't stress about it, but try to prevent it in the future.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

I'm not sure if it will hurt anything the problem is their urine smells horrible you wouldn't want your plants to grow fruits and vegetables smelling and tasting like that.

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