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Question by  Sakimbrel (10)

Why did it smell so bad when the dentist was drilling out an old filling?

My new crown came off after a couple of months and the dentist drilled out the old cement withoout water and it smelled so bad,does that mean that the crown is leaking,or do they all have that smell?


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

That smell is simple infection of the tooth and is common in most dental operations such as root canals or even cavities.


Answer by  Castlekeeper (39)

There could have been decay under the crown, this will cause bad odor. if it smelt like burning material the tooth could have been too hot from not using water.


Answer by  Megan80 (161)

A tooth is basically a bone. When the drill gets a hot and when it cuts into the bone it burns it causing that horrible smell.


Answer by  Anonymous

Maybe you had bad breath

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