Question by  maria68 (15)

What is making my washing machine smell bad?

I cannot figure out where the smell is coming from.


Answer by  vampireroo (204)

Washing machines can aquire a smell if wet clothes are left in the machine for to long, the clothes can mildew.


Answer by  AmberE (34)

The smell is most likely being caused by mold. Run a small load with baking soda or bleach. Avoid this in the future by giving the inside time to dry.


Answer by  jojoso (100)

If it is a high effeciency washer, you have to buy a special wash purchased at most common stores to clean the drum.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

You are probally having a problem with the belt needing relaced. It get warm or hot and that is what you smell. Or you are smelling a foul smell form leaving your clothes in to long . So get some white vineger and run it through a cycle that fixes that .

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