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Question by  leany (10)

What is the procedure to fill a cavity for a child?

I want to prepare my child before we go to the dentist.


Answer by  Sticky (363)

Let the operator do the talking. In 17 years of doing children's dentistry I've found that parents are more often not helpful. Don't mention "hurt, needles or pain"


Answer by  sanoshin (71)

Dentist will take x-rays to confirm if the baby really needs to fill a cavity. Local anesthesia is given, decay is removed with drill and cavity is filled with amalgam.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Your child will get a numbing shot or laughing gas before they start to drill. Next the dentist drills a hole in the center of the tooth and slowly packs it back up. Then he shapes the tooth to make it look natural. Before he finishes he will polish the tooth.


Answer by  Darrell (316)

The procedure is identical to an adult's. A shot of Novocaine is administered then the dentist drills away the decayed area then presses in the putty that forms the filling


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

They will give your child either Novocaine or Laughing Gas so your child cannot feel the filling being done. Then they drill your child's tooth and fill it.


Answer by  Mary15 (347)

There really isn't anything a child should be prepared to do when getting dental work done except avoid chowing down on anything heavy before going in. The dentist will do the work from there-first check for cavities, then see how severe they are and if they need to be filled. Once that is decided, they'll be drilling, cleaning and filling.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

The dentist will first give your child anesthetic so he won't feel any pain, then will fill in the cavity and put a light over it to dry the filling.


Answer by  SLSharma (43)

Please do not worry. The Dentists are profashionally trained to handle the kids. Keeping in view sensativity of kids,they spray medicine on effected tooth which makes the area immune to pain and keep the kid busy in interesting discussion.Good wishes.


Answer by  mahee (720)

To fill a cavity for a child we have to follow some steps such as removal of cavity tooth surface then filling on the hole of the tooth. Finally have to ensuring that the filliQng does not interfere with current tooth leveland comfort.

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