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Question by  lhart24 (64)

Why do feet smell so bad?

Why do some smell worse than others?


Answer by  Juan77 (42)

It is caused because the combination of skin, sweat and bacterias. It's really the bacteria acummulation decaying the skin that makes it smell so bad.


Answer by  Maricris (70)

It's because feet sweat making room for bacteria to stay and feast on your feet. Bacteria excrete a waste that has a very strong odor, thus the culprit for our smelly feet. Some feet smell worse than others because their feet sweat a lot than normal.


Answer by  bmorekilla (78)

Some feet just have a smelly odor to them. Other smelly feet come either from sweating not changing your socks. Not washing your feet everyday.Wearing someones shoes that have smelly feet. I think that mostly everyone has a little odor to there feet its just a part of life so worst then others.

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