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Question by  Helen (18)

Why are my red eared sliders on the bottom of the aquarium?

My red eared sliders are on the bottom of the aquarium.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

Not all water turtles like to swim constantly. Red eared sliders are notorious baskers. That being said you should really provide an accessible way for them to easily and completely exit the water whenever they feel like it. A good way to achieve this is a floating island.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Red eared sliders are aquatic turtles. they spend most of their time in under water surfaces. There is absolutely no problem if the red eared sliders stay on the bottom of the aquarium. In fact i does meant that they are healthy and got adopted to the aquarium environment and water.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Your red eared sliders may be on the bottom of the aquarium because they are eating or just wondering around.


Answer by  Keesha (24)

In nature, red eared sliders hibernate at the bottom of ponds when the temperature falls below 50 degrees. To keep them from attempting to hibernate in an aquarium, make sure the aquarium lights are on 12-14 hours a day and the water temperature is 76-80 degrees.

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