Question by  machouno79 (17)

How many eggs will a red eared slider lay?


Answer by  Allie76 (13)

A female Red-eared Slider may produce two to thirty eggs during each clutch, or breeding period. Generally, the larger females lay a greater quantity of eggs. A single female may produce up to five clutches during a year.


Answer by  surat (76)

They lay about 3 to 5 clutches. Each clutch consist of 4 to 5 eggs in it. It is laying around 20 to 30 eggs. sometimes less and sometimes more.


Answer by  bestsealoilever (20)

A female red-eared slider may lay between 2 and 30 eggs at a time, in groups called clutches. Red-eared sliders may lay clutches of eggs up to 5 times a year, depending on the size of the female.


Answer by  Scott93 (119)

A red eared sliders usually lay between 1 to 5 clutches of eggs from May-August each year. Each clutch can contain up to 30 eggs, depending on the size and health of the turtle.

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