Question by  harijangam (17)

How do you care for red ear slider eggs?

I need to care for my red ear slider eggs.


Answer by  itslaurasocal (37)

Your eggs will need to be incubated to maintain proper temperature. Bird egg incubators work well. Place eggs in sand. To maintain proper humidity place a cup of water in the incubator. Do not turn the eggs or handle them. Be sure to keep the incubator at a constant temperature and humdity.


Answer by  Ricardo (25)

The eggs should be marked so they stay in the same orientation as when they are laid. Transfer them to a ventilated box with a layer of moist vermiculite at the bottom. Keep this box undisturbed at a temperature of 81°F-86°F until hatching in 60-80 days.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

The eggs should be kept in an incubator for optimal result. If they are in the wild, it's best to let the mother build care for them.

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