Question by  Gtt500 (17)

How do you care for red eared slider turtles?

I was given a red eared slider turtle and have no idea what I need to care for it.


Answer by  JordanFrerichs (32)

This partially depends on size of the turtle. Most are around palm size when bought, but they can get to a hefty size. An aquarium with at least 15 gallons of space per turtle is decent. Set up a terrerium type aquarium, and replace the water ever week. You can feed them turtle sticks. These turtles are easy.


Answer by  Cherise (8)

Get a tank he can swim in with a basking spot to dry off. Provide clean water and feed him commercial turtle food. Always Wash your hands after handling him.


Answer by  RedShift (177)

I had several sliders I kept in an aquarium, they require a lot of attention toward sanitation as they can be messy. Heavy duty filters are a must.


Answer by  Starfish (214)

40 gallon tank, 6" deep swimming and dry areas; foods: turtle pellets, feeder fish, fruits and vegetables; a filtration system; a temperature-controlled environment (70F, +/-10F) and lighting (UV); weekly cleaning.


Answer by  henry99 (91)

This type of turtle does need some water. It is perfect in the summer months to buy a kiddie pool and put an inch or two of water and some rocks for the turtle to sunbathe on. They eat turtle food, meal worms and lettuce. The turtle will need a quiet habitate to hibernate in winter.

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