Question by  Kristin23 (24)

What was Led Zeppelin's original name?


Answer by  aussiebev (89)

They began as the New Yard Birds after the original band The Yard Birds had disbanded in the late 60's. Jimmy Page ended up changing the band name to Led Zeppelin after Keith Moon made a joke that they had about as much chance of success as a Led Zeppelin.


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

Led Zeppelin is considered one of the best bands of all time, but its original name was The New Yardbirds.


Answer by  cb81 (613)

Led Zeppelin went on their first tour with the name The New Yardbirds when they toured in September, 1968. In October that same year they changed to Led Zeppelin.


Answer by  mrsheen (8)

led zeppelin were oringinaly called "the new yardbirds" but changed the name a few months later after kieth moon (the who's drummer) said to page that the band would go over like a led zeppelin. john Entwistle came up with the name but it probally a rumor.


Answer by  greggula (112)

In the late 1960s the rock band Yardbirds evolved into the rock band Led Zeppelin, and the rest my friends is what we call history!


Answer by  Bryan21 (15)

Due to Jimmy Page being in the Yardbirds as they disbanded, his management thought it would be great to name them the "New Yardbirds". This was very unoriginal as you can see and Page decided to change it after talking to Keith Moon. He stated it would go down like a "lead ballon", some editing and it became Led Zeppelin.


Answer by  Billy63 (11)

Before becoming Led Zeppelin in 1968, the rock group was known as The New Yardbirds. One legend has it that Keith Moon from the Who said that if the supergroup came together it would go over like a "Lead Zeppelin. "

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