Question by  bederson (22)

Who has the power of attorney for my deceased father?


Answer by  katrescuer (431)

Power of Attorney ceases at death. The person in charge of your father's estate, provided he had a legal written will,their would be a executor which would be named in his will. If he died having no will,the court would appoint an administrator to oversee his estate.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Did your father have a will? If your father had a will you should read it and he should have wrote who he wants in charge of the estate. If not you can go to court to figure it out.


Answer by  Travis (84)

The Power of Attorney must have been signed prior to his death. After than it would be his next living relative, such as a wife, if no wife then oldest child.


Answer by  maggie711 (285)

Power of Attorney dies with your father. If his wife is still alive, she inherits all. If no wife, all goes to probate court and the terms of his Will be followed if possible.


Answer by  psychomom (58)

A power of attorney ends at death so no one would have it now. I've a feeling that you may be looking for the executor of the estate which would be listed in your fathers will.

Reply by lois57 (0):
my father just passed away does my niece still have power of attorney or does she have to turn house keys over to me even if we dont know about a will i carry his name  add a comment
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