Question by  rolew1 (2)

How can I obtain proof that someone has power of attorney over another family member?

my sister says she has POA over mom; never seen copy. How would I know who has POA?


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The only way to confirm power of attorney is to be able to provide a copy. If your sister cannot provide a copy of the power of attorney, she has no right to act as if she has power of attorney. I recommend that you request a copy from your sister.


Answer by  dx10 (144)

Power of attorney is generally granted one of two ways: it can be willingly transferred (this requires the signature of both parties, and witness, and notarization) or transferred in the event of incapacitation (again, through the same process). If this is an ongoing legal matter, counsel on both sides will have this information.


Answer by  Hortense (206)

Power of attorney comes in the form of a document that is signed by both parties (the grantor and the grantee) and witnessed by a lawyer and/or a notary. One family member can say that he/she has power of attorney from someone, but for the power of attorney to be legal, it must be documented and witnessed.

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