Question by  Ihcoy (2)

Which glasses to you use for drinking port?

I'm not sure if it matters.


Answer by  NelsonCB (20)

Due to the fact that port is a red wine, it should be served in a wide open glass that allows the wine to breathe. However, the white variety, considered a dessert wine, could be served in a narrow mouthed glass.

Reply by Ihcoy (2):
Is is acceptable to use a brandy ballon to serve port?  add a comment

Answer by  lgk (2426)

They sell actual port glasses if you are intending to entertain guest and serve port. Honestly, I do not own a set of these glasses, and tend to use either a brandy sifter or regular wine glass filled half way to allow the port to breathe. If you fill the glass too much, you can change the taste, not pleasant.


Answer by  winelover (9)

A crystal port wine glass that is simplistic and without design works best to allow the aroma to arouse your senses.

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