Question by  Max (33)

How do you open a tcp/ip port on an xp?

I need to open a tcp\ip port on xp.


Answer by  diluxe1 (13)

Below, are 8 steps to manually allow a port through xp. 1. Click Start button 2. Control Panel 3. Windows Firewall 4. Click the Exceptions tab 5. Add port 6. Enter name 7. Enter port number 8. Click Ok


Answer by  balapriya (85)

Step 1. Launch Windows and click Start, then My Network Places. A new window should pop up. Select Network Tasks and then click View Network Connections Step 2. Select the connection you use for the internet. If you do not know the connection which accesses the internet, you can disable each connection one at a time use net.


Answer by  Fragpenguin (19)

First you want to left click your Start Menu then left click My network places, right click the Current connection you use. Once your connection is open left click the Advanced tab then left click Settings, once you've done that click add, then insert info, finaly left click TCP then left click okay.


Answer by  Robert20 (51)

Ports are protected by Windows's firewall. To change the settings, go in your Control Panel, look for "Windows Firewall". If you cannot find it, look in "Security Center". In Windows Firewall, click on "Add Port... " and you can enter the port number you want to open.

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