Question by  Persy (3)

How do I convert a USB port to an HDMI Port?

I want to buy a computer that is real cheap, but it has no HDMI port. I hear you can buy an adapter that will make a USB port and HDMI port.


Answer by  jgilin (6)

You can buy a USB to HDMI Converter online, the user will plug the Converter into the USB port on the PC. Once the Adapter is plugged in the computer the user will install the Drivers, which will recognize the Converter. Once Converter is recognized the user can plug an HDMI cable from the PC to the Television.


Answer by  mare48 (26)

You can try this converter: Atlona AT-HDPIX2 USB to HDMI Converter You can find it on Amazon or on Google. It's about $100.

Reply by Persy (3):
Thanks much, I'll look into it, am also looking for something a bit cheaper, any ideas? Thanks again!!!  add a comment

Answer by  Luciano (80)

You have to buy a particular device, called USB to HDMI. Such devices are quite expensive (80$) so probably it is better to get a laptop with a HDMI port.

Reply by Persy (3):
Lucky me, I DO have a laptop w/ an HDMI port and have that hooked into my TV...  add a comment
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