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Question by  John96 (21)

Can you help me to troubleshoot a link port for game boy advance.

I need to troubleshoot a game boy advance link port.


Answer by  FishDude (18)

It is likely that the connector is dirty. Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and gently clean out the inside of the connector, making sure to get the metal parts. Let the port dry thoroughly, then test it. If this does not work it is probably broken and needs to be sent in to Nintendo for repair.


Answer by  justme38 (25)

turn offthe power unplug and replug in the cable. check to make sure both game boys have the same game. if still not working needs repairs from maker.


Answer by  GeorgeT (94)

Check the game instructions to make sure it has multiplayer. Turn the power OFF and check that all Game Paks and cables are firmly connected. Make sure you are using the correct number of Paks for the game. Make sure the game pack is on the player 1´s console. Visit WWW. Nintendo. COM or call 1-800-255-3700

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