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Question by  ben56 (31)

Where is the 1999 Tracker's EGR location?

According to my directions I need to locate the EGR on my Tracker and yet I can not find it.


Answer by  wonderman (201)

When you buy a new EGR valve make sure it's perfectly matched for your model. Before you replace it try cleaning it well - but as mentioned by other people, it's a little difficult to reach and remove. Don't attempt it if you don't know what you are doing!

Reply by enlightened (206):
You can get a new one online for less than 100$. Do you have the circuit diagram? This could help you locate the valve.  add a comment

Answer by  rejoice (216)

I ended up with badly scraped arms trying to access it. You will need to access both the upper and lower bolts of your Tracker to work on the EGR. It's a tight squeeze. You should try using a box end wrench to reach 'em.


Answer by  sleepyjey (248)

What exact error code did you get. If you let us know your Trackers error code we could help you find out what exactly is wrong with it.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It should be located at the back of the engine facing the firewall. It should have a wire connector on the right and a few hose connected to it. It is in a hard spot so you may have to remove the manifold to reach it.

Reply by icyblue (236):
A simple tip - you can access it via the passenger hood  add a comment
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