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Question by  csaw (100)

Where is Donnington Park?

I am new in the car circuit world.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

Donnington Park is located in Liecestershire, England right near Donnington Castle. The race track circuit is located on part of the Donington Hall estate. It not only has hosted race car champioships but also motocycle racing,music festivals,classic motosports weekends,the popular Donnington Park Sunday Sales and the Donnington Park Grand Prix museum exhibit.


Answer by  JayneR (183)

Donington Park, is in Leicestershire, in the South of England. It is park of the Donington Hall estate and is close to Donington Castle.. It is famous for hosting Motorcycle racing, car racing and the Download Music Festival, a music festival dedicated to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music, a festival popular with metalheads and goths.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

It's near Castle Donington in Leicestershire, England. It was originally part of the Donington Hall estate. It was created as a racing circuit during the pre-war period.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Donnington Park is located by the Castle Donnington in Leicestershire,England. It is used as a motorsport circuit. An example would be Formula One racing. Donnington Park is the home of the British Grand Prix.

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