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Question by  kpizza (15)

Should you paint or caulk first when doing room renovations?

I am in the process of redoing a room in my house and am unsure if I should caulk the baseboards and windows first or paint first.


Answer by  tharrison (33)

Always caulk first before painting. Professionals always remove as much of the caulk as possible with a scraper or caulking tool found at home improvement centers. Make sure caulk is allowed to dry for entire time before painting. A good seal is important for maintaining seal and reducing moisture and mold around area.


Answer by  AlokPande (68)

As you in the process of renovations of room than you should caulk out the baseboards and windows and simultaneously one should decide the paint which will make you sure which permitation and combination of colour of baseboards and windows you should go and the paint also you can select. This will help you in deciding all factors easily achieveable.


Answer by  yurika (137)

It's a good idea to caulk, then paint. If any paint bleeds over onto the caulk you can clean it up with remover.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Usually you caulk first so that you can paint the caulk, unless you want white caulk again a color surface. It doesn't matter if the surface is white.

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