Question by  Natarajan25 (15)

Where do you get free ringtones and how do you install them on the phone?

I don't want to to sign up for any of those ringtone services.


Answer by  Torrs13 (49)

A great website for free ringtones is Phone Zoo. Simply find the ringtone you want, click on 'send to phone', and the ringtone will be delivered to you through a text message. Go to the website to browse through their wide variety of tones and sounds. Visit the Help page if you have any questions!


Answer by  Sally11 (78)

The best free site that I have found is You need access to the internet on your phone to get a ringtone. You can visit the site and pick out which one you want, then it will give you a URL to visit on your phone.


Answer by  Edgaras (86)

Best way to get free ringtones without registration is in russian websites. Installation depends on phone, but probably you will need cable or phone with bluetooth. If you want install via bluetooth, you need to have tooth not only in Phone but in your PC too. And just upload it :-)


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well you can use a program to make your own. Look online for guide or how to shorten them to make the work on your phone.

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