Question by  arkadeb313 (67)

Where can I obtain a summit performance race car seat?

I need a summit performance race car seat.


Answer by  Pamelabud (42)

You can order this car seat online from different stores or websites. It is very hard to find since most are out of stock and on backorder. There is a range of prices, depending on where you order from.


Answer by  livingbroke (31)

If you want to pay full price you can order one directly thru Summit, either by catalog or thru thier website. If you spend a week or so looking at ebay and other auction sites you may find yourself one heck of a deal. There are also sites like Craigs List and such.


Answer by  dbrent24 (32)

Sorry to say it, but from Summit of course! My husband reads their catalog like its the Bible! They have not only race car seats, but they even have toddler car seats! You can also contact your like racing associations to get in touch with local distributors whom carry Summit parts and seats. Happy shopping!


Answer by  vera0514 (26)

A great place to find Summit Performance Seats, is at the Summit Racing website: summitracing. com. At Summit they retail for $36. 95. Summit also has a variety of other racing seats available for your review. Another option you might try would be Ebay Motors, or maybe even the Craiglist website.

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