Question by  Masheda (36)

How do you clean suede car seats?

The seats in my car have gotten dirty during a road trip.


Answer by  Flaka427 (107)

First get a wet bath towel and wipe it down. Next- a pencil eraser should remove any difficult stains. As a last resort, white vinegar will fo the trick!


Answer by  amx41790 (23)

Go to your nearest auto part store and buy microfiber towels. Cheap ones will do since you dont have to worry about scratches since you wont be using them on paint. Then look for (or order online) 303 AEROSPACE PROTECTANT. Its the best stuff around but test a little spot to be sure it doesnt take the color out.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

First brush the seat with a suede brush, use up and down and side to side motion; Then use a kiwi suede eraser in swirling motion.


Answer by  Danielle73 (12)

Use a special suede brush and brush in all directions. Then using a suede erase, rub all over. Repeat with the brush.


Answer by  SimonSaysEw (126)

Go to a store and get a good leather suede cleaner in an aerosal can and brush it into the upholstery.

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