Question by  redskins (27)

Where can I buy a race car?


Answer by  sairamesh100yahoocoin (223)

go to this site http://www. racecarsonly. com/ and choose the best race car. the website contains lot of race model cars, so you can get variety of cars in single place, or search in internet you get lot of sites, you contact the site or address, or contact near your race car retailer.


Answer by  StokerAce (15)

There are lots of places to buy race cars. Many types of race cars are advertised in the monthly magazine Hemmings Motor News. Check the magazine stand at a large book store for other magazines focusing on specific types of racing (sportscar, circle-track, etc). Most of them will include ads for cars. Race cars show up on Ebay, too.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The best place to start looking for purchasing a race car would be in the state of North Carolina, visit small dirt tracks, many drivers will be selling older cars with the hopes to purchase new ones themselves. You could also try Craigs list or Ebay. Stay within the states that foster racing


Answer by  Justin72 (30)

Depending on class of race car, anywhere from ebay, to craigslist could be a possible gold mine. It's also possible, to go to museums, auto shows, or other auto related trade shows to find people selling their old/used race cars. Depending on what you are looking for exactly, just driving around your local area could turn results.

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