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Question by  Nickie (24)

Where can I get my psp repaired?

I need to get my psp repaired.


Answer by  alejandropro (92)

You can take it to most gaming shops. Gamestop has a farily acceptable service, but some others, like Hollywood Video, do a surprisingly good job. Whatever you do, just don't try to open it yourself, as you'll most likely void the warranty. If all fails, try taking it to a Sony Store near you.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

Many game stores offer game console repairs. Privately owned game stores provide the cheapest work usually, and are often more knowledgeable.


Answer by  Aumlanka (291)

You could start at Sony's website to find out if they have any authorized repair places in your area. If it is under warranty you may need to contact Sony and send it to them directly. If it isn't you could see if Best Buy's geek squad can fix it.


Answer by  MrKnowNothing (22)

You may send it back to Sony for repairs, but they are kind of expensive. I would see if there was a mom and pop video game store in or around your area and see if they have anybody that can handle the repair of your psp. I actually got mine repaired at a computer shop.


Answer by  nomar (23)

The best place to look is on Sony's website or call them. It may be a little expensive since it is the makers of the psp, but they can fix anything to do with the psp.


Answer by  CCG (92)

If it's under warrenty, call sony. try checking locally owned game stores; most offer in house repair. Electronic stores may also offer this service, and if not, can probably point you in the right direction. Someone who is good with computers/electronics or just knows about video games, probably knows how to repair it, so ask around. Also, try craigslist.


Answer by  Briana (172)

See if it's still under warranty and contact the manufacturer about getting it repaired or refurbished. If you don't want to go that route, perhaps try to find someone on a website like Craigslist who might be able to help you.


Answer by  LexiP (722)

Try contacting Sony's Customer Support and see if they can fix it for you. Keep in mind they might charge a fee if the warranty has expired.


Answer by  Proth (155)

It is possible to repair your PlayStation Portable on your own. There are a couple of blogs and tutorials online how to fix several issues. If it is still warranted the official SONY support service should be contacted.


Answer by  sacredlrose (169)

A PSP can be fixed at GameStop which is a local game store. GameStop recently took over EB Games so that any place that used to be EB Games is now GameStop.


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

There are no official places that do the repairs. You can check with any local PC repair place they may have that service available. Otherwise check out your local craigslist and look for someone with good credentials who does it as a personal business. But really stress the credentials checking on that one.

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