Question by  Sorthum (17)

What adobe player will let me play you tube videos on my PSP?

I would like to play the video's from you tube on my PSP.


Answer by  rehantayyar (43)

there are two ways of doing this. one is to download the adobe flash player for psp from the adobe website and the other way is to download an flv to mp4 converter and play the mp4 files on psp.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

You should try to encode your youtube files with a FLV to Mpeg encoder or as a matter of fact any other encoder you might have a t your disposal. Most will offer this option thanks to YouTube popularity, flv files are everywhere. p.S. no adobe player will allow you to view YouTube files on your PSP.


Answer by  Quual (161)

You need firmware ver version 2.70 to enable flash, but even enabled your still in for an Epic Failure. Sony included flash version 6 and You can't upgrade it yourself.


Answer by  clairejundis (11)

The Adobe Flash Player 9 is a compatible application for your PSP that will let you play videos from you tube.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I'm sorry to say but no version of adobe will allow you to watch this types of movies on the psp. It is not as much as a software limitation as it is hardware. To watch a video it must be downloaded and converted. There are multiple tutorials online that explain step by step how to do this.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

No, adobe player won't allow you to watch you tube videos on a PSP. You Tube is streaming video that needs to be transcoded first. Google "PSP transcode."


Answer by  catboxxy (182)

I don't know if adobe player is required to play youtube videos on your psp, but it certainly is possible. One great thing about youtube is how widely applicable videos are from that site. Your psp should be able to run videos off youtube.


Answer by  Kit (558)

You could try using Adobe Flash player and see whether that could work for you. You could download a copy from Adobe website


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well actually you can directly play you tube videos on the PSP by installing flash adobe player as well as Java. These two features when enabled are going to let you play the you tube videos. Also, your going to have to install an internet browser first if you already don't have one on the psp.


Answer by  sacko (27)

well i use flash payer 8 on my psp, and that would do the trick, its quite simpe to install

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