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Question by  cathoderaytube (109)

Where can I find Viking clipart?

I need some pictures for Tshirts for an upcoming event.


Answer by  charlcat (44)

There seem to be a number of sources online for clip art that depicts Vikings. I did a basic google web search for the term and came up with multiple sources both free clip art and some to be purchased. Just take care with copyrighted artwork and you'll be fine.


Answer by  MrsWahlberg (90)

There are many websites online that offer clipart for free or a small fee. Try microsoft clipart, that comes with many computer systems. Or I'm sure there are many websites for Viking clip art. If that yields no finds, try a Viking webpage that allows you to copy images for free.


Answer by  Kelly88 (434)

There are lots of stock images when you search for viking clipart in Google images. You can also commission a local artist to draw something up for you, then your design will be original.

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