Question by  TabethaIrwin (7)

How can I find an abortion gynecologist?

Where do I start to find one?


Answer by  Jon44 (87)

Abortion services can be recommended through your regular doctor or through a simple search of the phone book. Most phone books have a Family Planning section listing clinics that offer a range of services to include abortion. Another source of information is the public health clinic.


Answer by  bnowozin (54)

First, you need to find out if abortion is legal in your area. You can start by looking in the local phonebook or search on the internet. If there is a Planned Parenthood in your area they can give you great advice and refer you to someone.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Check out the yellow pages in your local phone book under "abortions. " If for some reason there are no listings there, check "reproductive health" or "gynecologists" and call the listed businesses and ask if they do abortions. A google search will also help you find a clinic.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

Planned Parenthood or a Women's clinic are good places to start looking for recommendations. They can offer information about the locations and prices. I'm not sure what kind of references they might be able to provide.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

Stat in the phone book. Look under abortions, also you can look on linne for clinics who do abortions. You can also ask your own gyneclogist for a recomindation to a doctor.


Answer by  Allfyb (72)

In order to locate a gynecologist that performs abortions it is best to start with the phone book or an internet search for local gynecologists and call and ask if that doctor performs abortion services.

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