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Question by  ladida (34)

Where can I find gothic fonts?

I am decorated in gothic theme, and want something written over a doorway,


Answer by  camelsc (19)

Do a Google search for "Gothic fonts" in order to find fonts you can download and insert into Microsoft Word. You can print anything from there, make stencils from the printout, and write whatever you like over the doorway.


Answer by  Blondie18 (179)

Photoshop has good gothic fonts, and there are many websites that have fonts you can download free of charge or for a small fee. Simply type "gothic fonts" or "gothic font download" into google.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

A good place to start might be flaming text. They have some really neat texts and I don't see how it would hurt to look there and see what they have.

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