Question by  Rajiv (51)

How do you install a new font in Windows XP?

I downloaded the font online.


Answer by  pgranchi (40)

1. Click start 2. Click Control Panel 3. In task pane, under See Also, click Fonts 4. On the File menu, click Install New Font 5. In the Drives list, choose a drive 6. In the Folders list, double-click the folder that contains the fonts you want to add 7. Under List of fonts, add the font, and click OK


Answer by  Doug910 (32)

To work in windows XP the font will most likely be in true type format, the file you downloaded should have a. TTF extension, for example impact. TTF, just copy this file into the the C:\Windows\FONTS directory and it will then be seen by the windows system. Some fonts use. FON extension, if so copy this to the same directory.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

will in most cases all you have to do is take the font file and drop it into the windows font folder. Just make sure it is fully uncompressed.


Answer by  Kumarksk (22)

Goto Control Panel and click Appearance and Themes, Under see also click on Fonts. On File menu click Install New Font - and select the font from where you have downloaded and placed.


Answer by  Ragetip (77)

If it has some exe installation,click and confirm. Not an exe? Then go to control panel and transfer the font file in it,like a normal trasportation of files. Doing this,the file font will be installed,and all the compatible programs will be functional in using that font. Remember,do not install to much fonts!


Answer by  mingxhin (188)

Open an explorer window and navigate to the Fonts folder in your Windows directory (usually located at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts). Next open another explorer window where your downloaded font is saved. Just copy and paste the font file into the Fonts folder and it should install automatically.

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