Question by  zenjen (37)

At what age can you tell if a baby is going to be left or right handed?

Also, is left handedness hereditary? or is that just an old wives tale that it "skips a generation" ?


Answer by  LeftyLucy (31)

The determination of right handed or left handed occurs in the womb. The unborn child begins to show hand dominance by holding one hand closer to the face. Primarily it is believed that left-handedness is genetic. Other factors, such as chronic right hand injury or exposure to high levels testosterone in utero, contribute to this phenomenon.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

When your baby starts to play with toys you can find this.The hereditary may be seen but not a must happening.This is absolutely a habit which can be changed by routine practice.The left handed persons in a survey proved to be more intelligent.When babies handle their toys ,they throw them often.Then we can find this.


Answer by  gummie (738)

Many babies seem to be ambidextrous for several months. At about one year of age, you will begin to notice the baby will reach for objects with one hand more than the other. By the age of two, I believe most babies will be using the predominant hand. This is a hereditary characteristic that can occur at any generation.

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