Question by  Shelbyfre (110)

When is mood swings the words when taking necon 7/7/7?

I need to know when to avoid my mom she is on Necon and has horrid mood swings.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Necon is an oral contraceptive. While some cases of depression are reported, wild mood swings should not be a problem. It is not possible to predict and thus avoid mood swings. Your mom should speak to her doctor immediately about this problem that is affecting you and those around her.


Answer by  wyeth (435)

If anything taking birth control pills should reduce mood swings if they are related to the female hormonal cycle.Premenstrual tension is more likely when not taking such pills but there are many other causes of mood swings and they are not that predictable.It would help to know if your mom was calmer before she started on Necon.


Answer by  buneu (58)

Quite a lot of women who are on contraceptives are suffering from mood swings and any number of other emotional problems. Is your mother aware of the fact that she might experience an unwanted sideeffect of her Necon pills? Maybe she is blaming herself for her moods and getting even more upset. Encourage her to consult her doctor about this.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

The mood swings do not have to be entirely dependent on necon, however if you believe they are its best to avoid mom when it is nearly time for her to take her next dose.

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